March 14, 2011

Beverly Hills: What I Did (and Who I Saw!)

Where to start, where to start! After deciding a rough idea of what I wanted to see today, I set out to Röckenwagner Bakery for a German pretzel. I wound up buying the last three they had made, then hopped back in the car and took to the Hills!

I stopped by Brighton Coffee Shop and enjoyed a delicious latte (the lady who helped me at the counter was so friendly. I'm sure she checked at least three times to make sure I was happy!), then wandered down Brighton (past Villa Blanca- it looked so pretty but it
was full to the brim with people) on my way to Sprinkles for a red velvet cupcake to save for later. Only a few doors down from Sprinkles, I stopped for a manicure. Worst manicure I've ever gotten. I could've done it myself, the result would've been at least the same, but less painful and with me keeping my money!

Heading back outside, I walked back down to Rodeo Drive and walked up and down the sidewalks among the shops at least four or five times. I stopped into Prada- I was carrying my Prada, after all- to look at the new Spring/Summer clutches. Amazing. I didn't look at one price tag and I didn't want to- I just pretended the store was my closet and was blissfully happy.

Content, I was headed back to the parking garage when I was able to check the one box on my secret agenda- celebrity sighting! Tia Carrere (most famously known as Cassandra from Wayne's World) was walking with her daughter towards Rodeo Drive.

Now super content and getting ready for dinner with my hubby. What should I do tomorrow?

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