June 3, 2011


Normally, summer is my least favorite of all the seasons- it's hot, the beaches are overcrowded... it's hot...but really, I have a lot to look forward to this season.

  • I will be in the second trimester and hopefully feel a little bit more like myself. 
  • My friend Estee and her sister are visiting from South Africa and I get to see her when they come through Pismo Beach next month (I haven't seen her since we lived in Munich, three years ago!)
  • Taking more walks with my man and the pups
  • Try out some new pie recipes
  • Taking my little sisters to the beach (I took them each individually last year and we had so much fun)
  • Celebrating my hubby's birthday (...and my sister's, and my mom's!) in July
  • Finding out the gender of the bebe! 

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