August 9, 2011

Bucket List

Yesterday, my friend Morgan blogged about her bucket list, and it inspired me to think about my own! I'm sure there's more, but here's a good start on my Bucket List. I'll even mark off which ones I've done already.

1. Live in a foreign country: done! I will never forget how challenging and awesome it was to live in Munich! Oh yeah, and best. pretzels. ever.

2. Actually finish learning a foreign language so I can teach Miles a foreign language: so, this is tricky. I love learning foreign languages. At one point or another, I've set out to learn French (which I actually do have a pretty good grasp of, but am by no means proficient in), German, Russian, and Mandarin. I know it sounds bad, but I have no interest in Spanish even though it would definitely be the most useful language to know in California. Hubby thinks we should teach Miles either French or Spanish, but I secretly have my heart set on German. We'll see.

3. Perform in an orchestra: done! I absolutely loved being a part of a community orchestra when I was just starting high school, but I would love to be able to be involved in something like this again! There's nothing quite like it.

4. Purchase a real designer item: done! It took a lot of saving up, but earlier this year I was able to buy a Prada handbag and I love it. In the future, I think I would still like to save up and get one pair of designer shoes. Just for funsies.

5. Learn how to make germknodel: when I was living in Germany, I took two separate mini-trips to Austria. It was in Austria that I discovered my favorite dessert ever. Yes, it has a funny name. No, it has nothing to do with germs. Yes, it is freakin' delicious! Someday I hope to be able to whip up this awesome dish at a moment's notice.

6. Visit more of Europe: Italy, England, Ireland, France...all of them! Growing up, I've always assumed places like Paris were a must-visit. After reading Julia Child's My Life in France, it became a fact. Plus, this fits right in with Parker's plan for us to...

7. Visit all the Disneylands- that's right, all of them: this includes Disneyland USA (done!), Disney World, Euro Disney, Tokyo Disney, Hong Kong Disney, and Shanghai Disney.

8. Visit the East Coast: In the words of Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there." This includes New York (the site of many of my favorite TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother and 30 Rock, among others. I also want to go to the Met, experience the New York Philharmonic, a Broadway show, visit Julliard, catch a glimpse of the Real Housewives) Boston, and others.

9. Adopt a child: in the far distant future, I would love to be able to adopt a sibling for Milo. Even though I've never wanted a ton of kids, I've always thought it would be great to adopt. (Plus, my two little sisters are adopted and I can't imagine life without them!)

10. Meet our sponsor child: we are sponsoring a ten year old boy from Gulu, Uganda through World Vision. Even though previously I haven't really had any desire to travel to Africa, I would love to meet Calvin. It's so great to get his progress reports and see a new photo of him each year!

11. Challenge myself to new, daring culinary feats: I always smile when I open the mailbox to find my current issue of Bon Appetit, but I don't often go out of my way to try new recipes. By the end of my days, I want to be a seasoned and well-traveled foodie.

I know there's way more to this list, but that's all I have time for now. What's on your Bucket List?

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Happy said...

Pretty fun stuff Veralynn. Count the Gilmores in on some of those travels, especially to the East Coast!