December 5, 2011

38 Weeks

This is seriously getting freaky. I keep looking at the calendar and exclaiming, "What! Time to write another blog already?" This last week passed with a blink, it seems. I had my appointment with Dr. K today and breathed a huge sigh of relief that I don't have Group B strep- a perfectly normal thing to have or not have, it just makes a difference during labor because if I did have it I would need to receive antibiotics through an IV, and I have been trying very hard to avoid any needles during labor (I Hate needles...that's right, I used a capital H and italics). Needless to say, I was very happy to hear this news. Also, my doctor is working on Christmas- I just have it in my head that Miles will be a stubborn little boy and come on the holiday-so I am happy Dr. K will be there if that's the case.

This week will be a week of finally getting around to doing things. For example, I finally spent my birthday dollars on some pampering and clothes for myself. I got my nails done and then went out on a limb and got some new tops for after the baby gets here. (I don't really like buying clothes...I'd much rather buy shoes but I have plenty of those...says Parker...!) In another example of finally getting things done, we got our Christmas spirit going in the house by getting our decorations out, stockings hung over the fireplace, and Christmas tree up and lit. (Side note: Did I mention we still love the new vacuum? It works just as well for picking up those pesky Christmas tree needles.) The only other things left to do are pack my hospital bag (I know, I keep forgetting to do that), clean my car and get the car seat installed so everything is ready when Miles is.

That's all for now!
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Anonymous said...

Veralynn, we will be praying for little Miles safe arrival and a good delivery time for you.
I didn't have IV's with my first two, but then I had quick labors and the nurses never had time to get through all the necessities for my labor prep, Yay! for me!!
With Trevor my labor kind of happened in reverse so I had an IV and was greatly bruised. :(

Anonymous said...

Oops! That last comment was by me...........Aunt Robin!! Didn't mean to be that anonymous.