December 12, 2011

39 Weeks

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I finally am starting to understand what friends have told me about feeling antsy and impatient towards the end of pregnancy- it feels like time is going at super speed when I look at the calendar (almost halfway through the month already?) yet crawling so slowly when I've crossed the line where I'd be perfectly happy to no longer have this watermelon-sized belly thwarting my every move! I just keep reminding myself to take this one day at a time, because before I know it the day we meet Miles will arrive and I'll have him in my arms, staring into his beautiful little face. Maybe I'll miss being pregnant and maybe I won't (I won't).

I had my weekly appointment today, and to be completely honest it was as non-eventful as all my other appointments thus far. I'm having contractions but they aren't getting closer together or stronger in intensity so it was business as usual as Dr. K and I chatted about baking (his hobby is baking! I'm still not over it!) and the holidays while he measured my stomach and listened to the baby's heartbeat. As I was leaving he said, "Okay, see you in a week- or maybe sooner!" which gave me a glimmer of hope. This last week I started a baby betting pool to see when people are guessing Milo will make his arrival and it's been so fun to see the guesses! Parker's guess is today and I suppose technically he still could be right, but things would have to move along pretty quickly at this point (not that that's a bad thing). He announced to my family that when he was right we could all feel free to call him "The Prophet", but I told him at best I would make him a T-shirt that says "A Really Good Guesser" and leave it at that.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have someone to introduce you all to by my next post!
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