February 28, 2012

So (Not) Productive

Miles and I are home from Nashville and basking in the California sunshine once again. My lips have been super chapped since we got home- apparently from the airplane ride back- and they hurt! The other morning they were puffy like I got Botox (note to self: it's not a good look) and I tried to suppress my mild panic by applying every different chapstick and lip balm I own as damage control with no luck. Thankfully my mom reminded me of the awesome product that is Blistex and my mouth is back to looking more like my own and less like Angelina Jolie's. Thank goodness.

Put down the pancake. Yes, you.
On Friday I started my new workout, Tracy Anderson's Post-Pregnancy Workout. It was terrible and painfully obvious that I need to get back into a workout routine. And that's why I haven't worked out again since Friday, but instead baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies over the weekend which I've all but inhaled. Also, I made pancakes and eggs for breakfast this morning because it's National Pancake Day. Yes, that was the only reason (not that you really need a reason to make pancakes). And while Miles is napping away, I could be exercising, but all I want to do is sit down with my lunch and watch another episode of Grey's Anatomy. 

It takes a lot of effort to not cave in to what I like to call Woman Guilt- beating myself up if I feel like I can't "do it all". Being a good wife, taking care of Miles, keeping the house tidy, using the time I have to myself wisely (when sometimes all I want to do is fritter away that time on the Pinterest)? Written down, it doesn't seem so daunting. In the thick of it, however, I sometimes feel overwhelmed. I think these feelings are normal. At least, I hope so. Sooner or later everything will fall into place, and life is truly wonderful even in these times where I feel panicky and convince myself that I'm not doing it right.


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