February 21, 2012

February Favorites

Hello again, blogosphere- it's been a while! I've been so wrapped up in baby love that I haven't really sat down to write much (although after all those weekly entries, it was nice to have a bit of a break). Even right now as I'm writing, Miles is propped up next to me smiling and making cute baby sounds as he's looking curiously around the room. He's so chubby and kissable and perfect!

This last week Miles and I have been in Nashville visiting family- flying solo with a baby wasn't as hard as I imagined it, with the exception of the security checkpoint. TSA must have thought Miles looked suspicious, or at least that's how it felt- I had to completely disassemble the stroller and then sort all the normal stuff (electronics, shoes, jacket) with one arm while holding Miles with the other. Then they took all the fabric off the carseat, swabbed the seat with a giant Q-tip, and just tossed the fabric back in the carseat when they were done with it. I know people were getting irritated at the mom stupid enough to be traveling with a baby, but I actually didn't care! I've been very go-with-the-flow about this whole trip, and it's gone flawlessly thus far. Miles is a natural at traveling and didn't make more than the occasional happy squeak on the flight. We're heading home tomorrow night.

Cellar at Novo
Backtracking a little, Valentine's Day was pretty wonderful. Parker and I headed to SLO for lunch at Novo, where we had the whole wine cellar dining room to ourselves. It felt romantic and the food was delicious. We walked around downtown afterward and ran into Michael Shaw, so Parker got to have some bromance for Valentine's as well.

Motherhood is going fabulously. I think Miles sleeping nine hours straight at night may have something to do with it; at any rate, I'm enjoying all the challenges and surprises that having a baby brings. For example, I had no idea nursing would be tricky in the beginning, but trimming baby fingernails is every bit as nerve-wracking as I imagined. I'm learning the importance of time management, and part of that is setting time aside for myself. Even if that means turning my iPod up really loud and enjoying a song or three before bed.

Here are some of my February Favorites:

Music- Kimbra. If you haven't heard her voice, look her up immediately!
TV- Grey's Anatomy. Wow, it's addicting. I haven't gone through episodes this fast since Gilmore Girls!
Book- Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. I just started reading this on my Kindle, but I like the writing style so far.

I will write again soon, promise!
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