August 25, 2008


So, the semester has officially started.

My first class was at 11 a.m. (Cultural Anthropology), and it went really nicely. Nice people, funny teacher. I'd say under 35, definitely a gamer, loves lecturing because he can say whatever he wants and everyone has to listen. He cracked mostly lame jokes but had a couple golden ones. Favorite quote of the day: "I don't like those Frappacrappalinos...but I do like World of Warcraft."

My second class was originally in the K building but was moved to the W retarded is that?? Anywho, I met a guy who was also in Logic, so we walked together to the W building...I forget his name and feel so stupid...anywho, he works at Klondike's! That's cool already. So we get to class and most everyone is still coming in...and another guy from Klondike's is there too. Then the teacher gets there, and the first thing he says is, "This is going to be a hard class. Hard, do you get me?" So everyone has a shocked look on their face...he was just really realistic but said, "If you don't miss a class, if you let me help you, and you do the work, you will pass." So. I want to ace it. Favorite quote of the day: "I have a nasty habit; I should tell you all now. I will call on you. I will pick you apart and get in your face. I'm going to be nasty about it if need be." (This, I have a feeling, is going to be painful, but I imagine the amount learned will be worth it.)

After that class I walked to the Student Center and met Steff- she brought me a Coke Slurpee (what a nicey!)- and we talked for a while about our was really nice! Then she left, and I've just been sitting here on AIM and blogging here. Also, listening to this awesome new song Alek introduced me to (and I introduced to Jason, who loves it as much as I do...)! It's 80s-ish rock but instead of a singer, they have a yodeler. It rocks. Haha.

More later after my other classes!


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Gary said...

Yay! I'm glad your first day went well. And I'm glad getting registered worked out and everything!