June 16, 2010

From Froggy to Fabulous

This morning Mr. Wonderful and I went to Jack's (for those of you who aren't familiar with Santa Maria, Jack's is a local fave that caught fire and was rebuilt, remodeled, and reopened recently). We went about a month ago as well and weren't too impressed, but thought we'd give it another try. Breakfast confirmed our initial reaction but we split ways for the afternoon- he went to Rangemasters, and I indulged in some much-needed Coffee & Company (I've been working so much it really is an indulgence nowadays instead of a daily fix- sad). Well, a friend from our Bible study, Ashley, came into the coffee shop and we talked about how everyone was getting together at their place tonight instead of the usual Shaw hangout. I was all ready to go but as I got home this afternoon, that Jack's wasn't feeling so good after all. I got bored watching The Real Housewives of NYC so I decided to have a spa night. Results: hair dyed, nails done, and skin prepped for summer (read: wax hurts). But it's worth it to feel nice for summer!


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Anonymous said...

Looking good beautiful, looking good!
~Husband Bear