June 18, 2010

June's Almost Over...?

Yes, this title is fairly self-explanatory. I'm not sure why or how this year is going by so quickly, but it definitely is. I have this little mental calendar that keeps track of every big event and it's amazing how many of the things on there have already passed! It included getting married, the addition of a puppy, and three new babies being born that are close to my heart (Alice, Zaiden, and Lacie- all born now!).
I think part of this has to do with me finding full-time work, which is awesome...and time-consuming. I find it really hard to relax with work looming over in the background. But the nice thing about hotel work is that while summer hours abound and are plentiful, as soon as fall and winter come around things will calm down a lot. Hopefully I'll still have work, but not so many hours and definitely not sold out all the time. It will be nice!
Well, off to snuggle with my husband and enjoy the night before work tomorrow- it's Car Show weekend and Pismo Beach is gonna be hoppin'!


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