May 23, 2011

Basset Hounds and Breakfast Burritos

This morning, my man and I had an adventure. We decided to take the scenic Highway 1 to Pismo Beach because I had just been dying for a PBL (Pismo Beach Locals- it's not on the menu!) breakfast burrito from Hoagie's (when I worked in Pismo I used to get this for breakfast nearly every morning- so delicious). We were winding our way towards the beach when suddenly we noticed a dog standing smack in the middle of the road! Parker pulled over and as we both got out of the car, the dog immediately starting trotting towards us. He was the cutest little Basset Hound, and after we helped him into the car (his little stubby legs couldn't get himself up unassisted) I called the phone number on his tag. It was for a veterinary office, but they weren't able to find his owner's information and suggested taking him to the pound. There was no way we could do that, poor little guy. So we kept driving, and noticed an animal care office up ahead- we pulled in, took the dog inside and the girls at the front desk shook their heads and said, "Hi, Bentley..." as soon as he waddled in. Thankfully they were able to keep him and get in contact with his owner without him having to go to the shelter- I hope he'll stay in his yard from now on!

After that little detour we continued on to Pismo for my burrito and then on to San Luis Obispo for a leisurely stroll through Barnes & Noble. It was nice to have a little outing with Parker today, especially as I have been feeling not as sick (I hope I didn't just jinx it!). Today was a good day.

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