May 19, 2011

Majorly MIA...But For a Good Reason

When can I expect to look like this?
Oh how I've missed you, blog o' mine! It's been way too long since I've posted, but I'll admit I've had other things on my mind. You see, exactly one month ago my hubby and I discovered that we've officially got the stork on holiday duty- my eggo is preggo, no doubt about it! This is pretty fantastic news, and while we've had an ultrasound (just to confirm everything is A-OK in there), there is still not a confirmed due date so we're thinking somewhere between Hanukkah and Christmas (the perfect combination of me and Parker!). Right now I'm ten weeks along, and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the first trimester tunnel; however, I'm not out of the woods yet as far as morning sickness is concerned. Let me tell you something, there is nothing pretty about morning sickness- the joy I may feel when someone tells me I have that "pregnancy glow" all goes out the window when I can't even keep Cheerios down. But I am trying super hard not to complain and keep a happy face because in all honesty I am so happy. I just miss enjoying cheese, meat, and pretty much everything I loved a month ago! Sigh. I miss food.

I just want to take a second and point out that I may, in fact, have the best husband ever. He's been even nicer to me than normal, which is saying something! When I've got that "I feel disgusting and not pretty and fat and I'm hungry" look on my face he knows that I need a hug and a smooch and he pats my tummy and I feel better. I'm really so lucky.

Things to ponder in the months to come:

How will Parker's phobia of pregnant bellies come into play when I start showing?
Is it a boy or a girl? (Yes, are you kidding me? Of course we will find out!)
Will I still be able to wear my cute shoes?


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