September 16, 2011

27 weeks

Ignore the outlets...I promise we will babyproof them!
Today I am 27 weeks pregnant! Or, as I would like to think, 13 weeks away from meeting little Miles Henry (me being optimistic!). This week did have some eventful happenings that left me with a knot on my forehead and a bruise on my "assets", as I heard someone say last week. You may be wondering what the heck happened- well, I fainted at the bank. Can I just say something? I've read in books about "fainting couches" for ladies back in the days of corsets and three-foot high hairstyles, and these books always make it seem somewhat glamorous and ladylike. But there is nothing glamorous about fainting onto hard tile at a bank. And I felt anything but ladylike waking up sprawled on the ground with the entire bank staff standing over me! Thankfully I didn't land on my belly (and thankfully I wasn't wearing a skirt), but I was still dazed and confused as I looked up at these unfamiliar faces and said, "...Hey guys! happened?" Apparently I was in the middle of giving the poor customer service guy my account number when I just fell over. How embarrassing! And banks always have tons of security cameras. I better not end up on America's Funniest Videos or something.

Anyway, Parker came and picked me up from the bank and took me home, where I called Dr. K to see if I should come in right then, go to the Emergency Room, or what. He had us go in this morning, and said he says that Miles/my uterus is squishing my veins, cutting off circulation to my heart- no biggie or anything. So now I'm not allowed to stand for long periods of time or wait in lines (yay!) and if I start feeling woozy, I'm supposed to sit down wherever I the middle of Target, at the gas station pump...I can't help but giggle. Milo is doing great, which is all I care about, and being a little troublemaker. I wonder where he gets that from?

Other than that, we're all doing well. We took our hospital tour today, which was fun. It was crazy to think that the hospital is where we're going to meet our baby! I'm very excited.

And, as you can see, my stomach is getting bigger. I would be okay with it not getting any bigger than this, but I will just have to suck it up (not literally- I can't)!

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Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, you are such an adorable preggo! I can't believe you fainted and whacked your head...soooo scary! I'm glad both you and Milo are okay. Sheesh. The things these kids do to us. :) Praying for you friend! Can't wait for the little guy to make his appearance! (BTW, just realized that if he is due in 13 weeks, Christmas is 15 weeks away. Sheesh again.)

Anonymous said...

crazy fainting story!! Glad you both are ok. Nice Pastor Mark quote there ;) Yes and very cute belly. You are looking great!
Rebecca B