September 23, 2011

28 Weeks

I can't seem to have a normal, uneventful week in my last trimester, it seems! This week I had to go to the hospital for dehydration due to what my doctor thinks is a bout of gastroenteritis (I didn't know what that was until be honest, I would've been okay not knowing). I felt at the lowest of lows- Miles was a busy little one, kicking away, so I knew he was fine- and I've never felt more thirsty or gross. Parker didn't get home from work until three in the morning, but when he saw me insisted that we take a trip to the hospital, where they hooked me up to an IV and some anti-nausea medication and I started feeling more like myself. They also had me attached to a fetal monitor to make sure the baby was doing okay, and discovered that he likes to play hide-and-go-seek! I can't even remember the number of times the nurse came in to readjust the monitor because Milo had moved a completely opposite direction to where he had just been (eventually, they gave up on him staying put because even though they couldn't consistently find his heartbeat, he was kicking quite loudly on the monitor- silly baby). I felt so bad that Parker couldn't get comfortable or any kind of good rest, but he was taking such good care of us. The hospital wound up discharging me in the morning with instructions to just drink liquids and a bland diet until I gradually feel like my normal self again. I'm still not feeling 100% better, but hope that I will soon since my grandparents are coming from Nashville and will be here in less than a week!

Sorry for my lack of picture this week- I don't know how many people would keep reading my blog if I were to post a picture right now! I might add one later.

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My poor little Mitsubushi bear...