September 11, 2011

Things That Go Boom in the Night

Early this morning as I dozed from half-asleep to half-awake, I noticed what I assumed to be our neighbors rolling out their garbage cans for Trash Day. Then I thought I heard Parker rolling our garbage cans to the curb. I thought, "Did everyone forget to put the cans out this week? Sheesh." In my drunken half-sleep, I didn't realize that (a) it wasn't Trash Day, and (b) we were having a thunder and lightning storm (obviously that doesn't happen around here very much if I get thunder confused with garbage cans)! Parker and I let the dogs into the house, and we stood outside for a minute watching a sudden downpour of rain in our backyard. He teased me as I got startled every time lightning flashed outside our window (normally I love watching lightning but I was still drowsy!), and I enjoyed feeling Milo's reactions to hearing the thunder. He woke up and started moving around like crazy, and when the thunder would start he would become very still. As soon as the thunder stopped, he got back to wriggling and getting all wound up. I couldn't help but think of how fun it will be when he's a little boy who comes running into our room during a storm to cuddle up next to us... Sigh. I'm turning into such a mama.

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