October 25, 2011

32 Weeks

Today my grandparents started their journey back to Tennessee after visiting with us for almost the whole month of October! It was pretty great having them so close-by, enjoying meals together, and having good talks with Grandma in person instead of over the phone like we usually do! It was also a lot of fun being able to have them over to our house to see all the baby things we've accumulated over the last few weeks- Grandma and I had fun sorting, washing, and folding all of the baby's little clothes (how long does it stay fun is what I'd like to know)! Anyway, they'll be back the first week in December in anticipation of the arrival of Miles.

I would say we're at the point now that we've got all the baby gear for Miles that he's going to need. Although, I'm pretty sure he'd be kosher with just a warm blanket, diapers, and me. My friend Marissa is letting us borrow quite a few things, and that was such nice surprise and a weight off knowing I didn't have to worry about buying those anymore. The nursery is finished and Milo's dresser is stocked with little diapers (I bought Nature Babycare diapers on Amazon for an even better price than Costco!), bibs, clothes, swaddling blankets...I just can't wait until he's here!

The highlight of my week was probably the delivery of The Stroller. Since I began working as a nanny, I've taken notes on which items I didn't care for and which ones I absolutely loved- the UPPAbaby Vista was without a doubt my dream "big ticket" item. We were able to get it on sale for almost half off and when it arrived on our porch, it felt like Christmas to me! I can't wait to take Miles out and about, and Parker is already planning the baby's first Disneyland trip in April.

This week I've been feeling pretty good other than having a hard time getting comfortable for sleep, but I figure that's part of the whole pregnancy deal and it's not too bad. I've started an iron supplement this week after Dr. K called me to let me know that I was severely anemic, and thankfully our local health food store had a whole food supplement that's been easy to deal with!

All in all, it's been a good week, the weather finally feels like fall, and I'm just looking forward more and more to meeting this little boy. I'm pretty sure the next month is going to fly by!

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