November 6, 2011

33 & 34 Weeks

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Bah! "Pregnancy brain" is alive and well, even though previously I was skeptical of its legitimate existence and thought of it more as a snazzy excuse I planned on using whenever it was convenient.'m pulling the pregnancy brain card! Anyway, it seems like time is flying right now. I'm okay with this, mostly because I've entered in an almost constant state of discomfort. Not pain, I just can't get situated comfortably or sleep soundly and Miles is all up in my rib cage. But don't worry, I'm still able to eat just fine. Humph.

We had our appointment with Dr. K this past Monday (Halloween) and everything is looking good. He was even pretty sure that Miles is head down which is great news! I'm never sure where exactly he's positioned even though I try and guess a lot.

I still haven't had any weird pickle-and-ice-cream cravings, but this week I just had to have (ha) Panera Bread's macaroni and cheese...twice (two different days, thank you- it's not that bad yet). It was so good, and I'm pretty sure I ran right through my dining out budget this week with those two outings. Worth it!

This week I've started reading The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears and am re-reading Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding by Ina May Gaskin. (If I were to ever fully to commit to hippiedom, I'd want to be like Ina May- but alas, I love my sodas and processed carbohydrates too much. Also, I hate Birkenstocks. Sorry, Mom.) A year ago I don't think I would've even given these books a second look, but hey, I'm going to be a mom next month (I am so loving being able to say that)!

Less than two weeks until my birthday! Wee!
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