January 22, 2012

Life With Miles- Week 3

My boys.
There's been one phrase on repeat since Miles's arrival: "He's going to grow up so fast!" I wasn't convinced, as I had been anticipating the minutes, hours, and days to drag on these first few weeks due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion (as well-wishing friends, family, and even strangers told me to expect)- this hasn't been the case at all and it's a huge blessing. At the same time, I've been trying to remind myself how quickly time is going by so I can enjoy each sweet moment of Milo as a newborn before he isn't any longer. It won't be too much longer now!

Miles has settled into quite the routine. He's started having a fussy time every afternoon around three and seems almost inconsolable for about half an hour but will settle into a long nap afterward. When he wakes up, he has started eating every hour from about six to ten in the evening but then sleeps a long stretch of anywhere from four to six hours straight (worth it!). It's nice to be able to anticipate these parts of his day and work with him.

Parker and I have been able to enjoy some time out just the two of us, courtesy of Parker's parents, and it's been really nice! I think Miles enjoys the cuddles almost as much as his Grandpa and Grandma do.

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