October 1, 2012

Our Week (In a Nutshell)

Over the last week, Miles turned nine months old and I am up to my eyeballs in coursework (my Mandarin vocabulary is steadily growing)! I'm loving the challenge of having a lot going on. However, not being SuperWoman, other things tend to fall behind- in my case, housework. But my husband, who is totally Superman, has been a-mazing in helping me keep up. Now that Miles is very mobile, we are getting OCD around here about vacuuming and keeping the floor clean. Next step, baby gates!

The weather here in Central California is ridiculous today. It's the first day of October for goodness' sake, and it was a little under one hundred degrees! I mean, that is gross. I want sweaters, scarves, and hats- not tank tops and shorts! Come on!

While the sun beat down mercilessly outside, the three of us wandered around air-conditioned Costco and looked at Christmas decorations. Miles let out happy little exclamations whenever he saw a Christmas tree, shiny bows, or a reindeer with a blinking nose. It made me even more excited about the upcoming holidays. Other highlight of our shopping trip: a lady came up to Miles and cooed, "You're such a pretty girl! What a pretty pretty girl! Such pretty eyes! What a sweet little girl!" Miles frowned and growled! (My brother taught him- so helpful.) I burst out laughing as she waved goodbye.

Here's to a great week and lower temperatures!


Chantal said...

That's so funny, she called him a girl! I don't think anyone has mistaken my baby for a boy (maybe it's all the hair?), and they usually call her a Doll.

Now that Penny crawls I vacuum every morning! At least the major areas like the kitchen/dining room and living room.

lisacng @ expandng.com said...

Can't wait to hear you break out some mandarin soon!! And how cute is Miles in his sunnies ;). Totally is a boy. Don't know what some people are thinking!