October 9, 2012

Review: J.R. Watkins Foaming Hand Soap

I was so excited when the team at J.R. Watkins asked me to review their new line of foaming hand soaps. I'm all for naturally-based products that smell great, and with four different scents to choose from- Aloe + Green Tea, Coastal Breeze, Grapefruit, and Juicy Sweet Apple- there's something for everyone! I asked my family to try them out as well and we all pretty much had the same thoughts. We loved how soft our hands were after using the soap and the scents were great; my sisters thought Juicy Sweet Apple was by far their favorite, with Grapefruit coming in at a close second. My mom liked Coastal Breeze, and my favorite is the Aloe + Green Tea (the same scent I wrote about here, which we use for our dish soap). The packaging is a little bulky, but that is my only complaint. I really appreciate a company that puts a priority on using biodegradable materials and more natural ingredients while avoiding dyes and parabens. It's a great balance and I definitely think you should give them a try!

J.R. Watkins has kindly offered to give away a set of this new line of foaming hand soaps to a lucky reader- check back tomorrow for a chance to win these and more in this month's giveaway!


lisacng @ expandng.com said...

Too bad I can't win these b/c I LOVE foaming hand soaps!

Abbey said...

Looks like this was such a fun day! And your little one is so precious. :)