May 31, 2008


So I have some big ol' news. I have a job! As in regular employment! It turns out, the place that didn't advertise online, didn't have any signs up, and I went into randomly for an application hired me in the end! Who is the mystery company...well, it's in the mall...and I'll now be able to feed my fetish for smelling like Warm Vanilla Sugar. Bath & Body Works! I've worked two days since being hired and I really enjoy it. Plus, when the June Sale starts June 2, I get to wear jeans to work. How amazing is that...and how amazing is it that I have a job? It isn't to my credit at all...God obviously brought me in there...and...the girl that hired me went to Master's. That has me shaking my head in do these things happen??

In other news, my telephone advising appointment for Master's is coming up next week...I'm pretty thrilled, to say the least. It'll be great setting those awesome classes in stone for the fall semester. So far I have New Testament Survey, Music & Art for Musicians, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Intro to Philosophy, and Biblical Fundamentals. I'm on a waitlist for OT Survey and I have yet to figure out which instrument I will be taking lessons for- flute or oboe? Yeah, no clue.

I have a bunch o' time to write right now, but my brain just died. More later.

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