May 22, 2008

A Random Rant About Nothing In Particular

So it’s really nice that Aunt Betty got me a pretty journal to write in, but typing here is so much more convenient for long rants...
Last night I went to 7-11 with Steff. She is a great person- I love her individuality and laid-back personality (her hair is crazy- I love it!). We both didn’t really want anything to eat, so we grabbed two Arizona Green Teas. While we were grabbing our drinks, some guys came in from Righetti. I noticed right away one guy in particular I had thought was really cute throughout the semester but knew would never even look at me. (He didn’t.) These guys all knew Steff but that “one guy” looked right at me and said, “Hey.” I turned around quickly. Jerk. I heard his friends nudge him and say, “Ooh…burn!” and I smiled happily as Steff and I went to the counter to pay. The guys hollered their goodbyes to us as we pushed the door open, stepping out into the cool coastal night. As we laughed and headed towards Steff’s car, I wondered: why did he notice me now? Was it because I had my newer clothes on? My knit cap with the flower on the side? My bag slung messenger-style over my shoulder? My hair with the little piece of blonde showing in my ponytail? What? I just didn’t understand. All these things were new, but I was still me… Then I thought about it: at Righetti, I couldn’t care less what I wore. I couldn’t care less about Righetti in general. My eyebrows were thinner, my hair almost always thrown into a not-quite-trendy version of the sloppy bun. Is it that all those things, when corrected together, make a much more appealing version of myself? Better eyebrows, cuter outfit, new hairstyle? Shallow, but probably true. The thing is, people do judge a book by its cover whether they admit it or not. As JD would’ve said, it’s “discernment.” Golly…it’s going to be an interesting life if that’s the case. I mean, I might have a cute boyfriend if wore cuter outfits. I could think of cute outfits all the day long if I had the clothes to put them together with. And if I had the money to buy the clothes…and if I had the job to earn the money…the Circle of Life, eh? (Note: the last few lines said with dripping sarcasm.)
Changing the subject slightly, I feel like Nancy Drew after solving a great mystery. I’ve discovered who’s been sending me slightly amorous Honesty Box messages…and I’m not telling. But if you’re reading this, Mr. Honesty Box Man…I’m on to you!

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