May 7, 2008

Life Doesn't Leave Much Time for Blogging...

Wow. I've been home for a while and haven't written yet. You see, between job searching, college planning, stalker avoiding, and friends, I just haven't had enough time to visit my old friend the blog. Now I've been in Tennessee and I'm just now finding enough free time to write.
To begin with, my problem child is home. Emily! She doesn't mind that I'm writing because she knows it's true. To be truthful, it's been a rocky road since seeing her again and it's probably been around a month since she's been back in S.M. I'm here for her, always, but I can't be as involved as I was before. I felt like a parent- like I was building her up and encouraging her and she still messed up. Like she only would call me when she was in a jam. This time I'm here for her but from a much more detached point of view. I don't feel like it should be that way...but I just can't help it.
Next, college. I'll hopefully be at Master's in the fall. Financially I have some knots to untangle, but it's nothing too crazy. I'm excited for the dorm rivalry (Hotchkiss forever...!) and can't wait to jump in to studies.
I miss Germany! I really did love it there. But since going my appetite for travel has increased a lot. Hopefully I'll get to travel again soon...Australia is next!!!
That's about it for now! Time to get ready for American Idol. :)

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