June 19, 2008

Getting Hitched

Yeah, I forgot to tell you all...just kidding. I'm not talking about myself. I've been thinking about this recently since seeing pictures of a few girls I know in white dresses walking down the aisle...and tomorrow yet another girl I know is saying "I do." Whitney! It's really exciting to watch it all come together and soon I'll see her name change on Facebook, too...aww, me all sentimental. Oh well, this blog isn't all about Whitney, either...she is my intro into and illustration to the real topic- the MRS degree (she and I were talking about it indirectly on Facebook the other day!).

Many people I've met have smirked upon hearing that I'm going to Master's. Why? Because I suppose Master's has a reputation for being a general hitching post for some years... but it's still funny to think that some people assume that a girl's only going to college to "catch a man," as they say in the Anne of Green Gables series. (Did you know for probably around the same price on the Internet, I could mail order a husband? Steff showed me...aaah!!!) Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see who God brings me together with in marriage...but that isn't why I chose Master's. That isn't why I go to church, either (someone asked!). Knowing me, it'll probably be entirely unpredictable, meeting him neither at church nor Master's. But who knows, right? I'm just thrilled to see what happens as it's happening. Even being a planner, I'm really perfectly happy knowing I can't control who God has in my future. Well, I can to an extent...but you see what I mean? Do you think I'll know who he is when I first see him? Probably not.

So, college! I'm thrilled to be an Intercultural Studies major. How God will use me with it, I have no idea. I think it's better that way! I was talking to one of my dad's friends at church last Sunday, and he asked me if I had ever considered Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in the medical field. To be honest, I'd vaguely thought about it, but never really looked into it. I'm planning on it, though. Wouldn't that be cool to blend my love for travel and othe cultures with my interest in Nursing? I think so.

Speaking of other cultures, Deutschland beat Portugal in soccer yesterday! I really, really miss the competitive atmosphere of soccer in Germany...it's all or nothing- I love it better than football here (sorry Tennessee family...)! I think the first thing that will always come to mind when I think of German soccer is the day I sat next to Oliver Kahn in Starbucks...I won't forget him, that's for sure! With that kind of face, he inspires the competitive spirit and German pride. Besides the fact that if you shot a bullet in his direction he'd probably catch it.
That's it for now...just reminiscing and anticipating the future!

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