June 23, 2008

Having a Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile is one of my favorite movies ever. It's one those movies that gets me thinking...especially with my last post, you know it's been on my mind. It's just that this film really goes through the choices that young women make regarding home and family versus career. One thing Julia Robert's character Katherine Watson kept stressing was, "You can do both," yet I think the main message was summed up by one of the producers: Choose- and when someone else chooses, respect that decision. There is no solid right answer for everyone, no formula. For example, one of the characters (Joan, played by Julia Stiles) was the head of her class, was admitted early to Yale Law School...yet chose to elope and become a housewife. She said to Ms. Watson, "Do you think I'll wake up one morning and regret not being a lawyer?" Katherine replied, "Yes Joan, I'm afraid you will." To this, Joan exclaimed, "Not as much as I'll regret not having a family! I want a home, I want a family- that's not something I'll sacrifice." The key there is regretting not as much. It's a matter of priority- what is more important to us as individuals? That's what the Mona Lisa smile is about- it's the smile of mysterious, yet satisfied smile.

For me, I know that I would always regret not having a family. But I'm trusting in God's timing. That's the best part. There is hope and peace there. A little impatience, too (I'm not going to lie). But it's all good. I'm sincerely enjoying where I'm at and where I'm going!

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