June 13, 2008

Love vs. Hate: Does Love Really Conquer All? Hmm...

I had to send my precious baby iPod Touch to Apple for a replacement yesterday. It was somewhat of an emotional release, knowing I'll never have that exact iPod again...I mean, we went to Germany together. We flew the flights, took the S-Bahn and U-Bahn, shared with friends, exprienced the German cold and rain (although safely protected in my purse)...we went to Tennessee together...we were traveling buddies! We've survived many long car and trains rides in California. Boys have come and gone, but my iPod never fails to shuffle to the most (sometimes hilariously) appropriate song for any mood or situation. (I am by no means suggesting an iPod replaces a boyfriend. No way! It just...helps...) This gift of God has given me unexpected glee ("Hey, I get WiFi in Del Taco!") and hours of entertainment. Needless to say...I still don't like Apple. How does this work, when I view Apple as the Bane of All Mankind? Well, it's a love-hate relationship...mostly hate though.
Here's how my phone call with Apple ended when telling them that my iPod was broken.
Them: "Ma'am, do you use a Mac computer?"
Me: "No, I use a Dell."
Them: "XP?"
Me: "No, Vista."
Them: "Vissstaaaa..." *snickering in background*
Me: "Yeah, well if your crap didn't suck I wouldn't be having this conversation with you."
Okay, so I didn't say the last line...but I thought it.
Here's to a (hopefully) longer-lasting iPod.

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