May 16, 2012

Mad Men and Ladies of Literature

I've been in an interesting mood lately- a combination of wanting to try new things and finding comfort in old favorites. Now that the spring semester is over, I have a full month before summer session starts and I plan on enjoying it fully. I want to take the first of many trips to the beach, reconnect with my piano (which has been sorely overlooked until very recently), and read. I dug out some of my cherished books from our various bookshelves around the house and was thinking of just how much I particularly enjoy an older read. The way they're written is almost like an entirely different dialect than the English I speak in my day-to-day life. Some of my most prized hardcovers are a first edition of Age of Fables from 1855 (I still cannot believe I found it for twenty-five cents at a thrift store) and The Emperor's Lady, a novel based on the life of Josephine Bonaparte

I'm antsy to dive into these treasures; however, I've been spending most of my time scouring The Baby Book by Dr. Sears and other infant guides in search of some answers for my sweet baby. Firstly, he's been sleeping so terribly the last month or so- it's not that he's hard to convince to go to sleep in the first place, it's just that he wakes up so many times during the night- and I don't know what's bothering him or how to fix it (before I had Miles I thought we'd just go the Ferber route but I just can't swallow the idea of letting him cry himself to sleep). Secondly, I'm still supplementing with formula and nothing I've tried thus far (including a $46 bottle of an herbal supplement- ouch) seems to be making a difference. I've read Ina May's book from start to finish at least three times while I wait to hear back from Kathleen, who is recovering from surgery. Obviously, I just want Miles to be happy and healthy- anyone have any suggestions?
Rolling around. :)

One idea I received was to spend as much time as possible nursing Miles throughout the day, so we've been flying through episodes of Mad Men like nobody's business. I actually like the show a lot more than I thought I would.

What are your summer plans?
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