August 13, 2012

Monday Monday

I have to say that Mondays have probably been my favorite day of the week lately. It's becoming the day where the three of us go on fun outings as a little family. Today, we went out to lunch and had a lot laughs watching Miles attempt to eat anything and everything off the table (he's actually doing a lot better at actually taking manageable bites- oh, the things I'm proud of as a mama). It was happiness defined.

Hopefully you all are having just as great a Monday as I did!

Check back tomorrow for the August giveaway- the day completely got away from me but it's scheduled to post at midnight. Good luck, everyone!


Barbara Hiatt said...

Beautiful picture! Hope you had a great Monday too!
Newest follower from Operation Fabulous!
Barbara @ Chase the Star

lisacng said...

That's awesome that you love Mondays b/c the rest of us dont ;). Great you can all spend quality time together!

Courtney. said...

Hey Veralynn! I awarded you the Liebster Award over here:

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Such a cutie!!