August 6, 2012

Better Than the Same Ol' Same Ol'

The boy loves pancakes!
This morning, most of my family- except for my brother, who had to work early- met for breakfast before my grandparents started their journey back to Nashville (they're driving!). I was taking my little sisters back to their place since Mom had to go to work right afterward, but we decided to stop by the mall to ward off some afternoon boredom. The girls love taking turns carrying Miles and we had a lot of fun showing him all the different animals in the pet store, where he was intrigued by the colorful birds and baby kittens. My sister Krystine was carrying Miles as we decided to head up the escalator to the next floor, but I didn't notice until we were already a ways apart that Krystine and Miles were still at the bottom of the escalator- she was scared to get on the escalator with him, poor thing (the combination of a very wriggly infant and moving stairs was a bit too much). I only mildly panicked as I ran the wrong way back down to get back to the two of them, scooped Miles into my arms, and reassured Krystine that I would much rather her let me carry Miles on the escalator than have her worry!

When we got upstairs, we spotted the children's salon and decided to go in to see how much it would cost to have them trim some wayward strands of hair (the rest of his hair was one uniform length except for this one long bit that ran right down the middle of his head). They offered to do it for free, so Miles sat in my lap while my sisters distracted him by blowing bubbles. It all went great until he wanted to start bouncing around and I tried to calm him- then he noticed the unfamiliar clippers and stylist and began to cry. We hugged it out, though, and he was fine. They even gave me the lock of hair for his baby book. I still don't really understand the hype over the first haircut, but I'll admit he does look more grown up now!

Of course, Ernie and Parker blinked. Goofballs!
I'm glad that my sisters and I decided to spend some time out and about, because now that my grandparents aren't in town, we don't see each other as much (we were all together nearly every day for the last three weeks!). I especially enjoy spending time with Krystal and Krystine, because when we are all together we laugh a ton, talk about music (no, we absolutely will not can't listen to "Call Me Maybe" again), makeup (no, blue blush dusted across your entire face isn't cool unless you're dressing up like Avatar for Halloween), and boys (no...just no)- and they completely dote on Miles. I love my family!


lisacng said...

Beautiful family! You're all so young! And you're the only sister without a K name? Hehe. So special! Yay for first haircut. That's nice they did it for free & let you keep the strand of hair! J's first haircut was done at home, with normal scissors and I totally butchered it ;).

kendra @ little almanac said...

haha, I wish my daughter needed a haircut, but at 18 months she's still a baldy :) It's slowly growing in!

jamiedawn said...

first haircuts are exciting!! i'm a hair stylist and first cuts are sooo important! gotta do a great job, ya know? he's a cutie! oh and im your newest follower :)

Tiffany said...

Your little Miles is adorable! Oh my goodness he has the cutest smile ever!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you

XOXO Tiffany