August 27, 2012

Our Week (In a Nutshell)

Outfit: beanie, onesie, boots
This week has really begun to feel like fall! I started back at school on Monday, and have slowly but surely begun to immerse myself into the semester's studies. My sisters' soccer season got going on Saturday, and after their game my mom, sisters, brother, and I all went out to eat. It was grey, chilly, and a little blustery- perfect fall weather. Miles and I took advantage of the autumn feeling and enjoyed many walks together this week. He's always very curious to see the world and is always sitting on the edge of his seat so he doesn't miss anything.

On Thursday, I took my sisters and Miles to the beach. It was Miles's first time- while he loved the swings and playing in the sand, he was not a fan of the cold water! My sisters really loved holding him and showing him everything about the beach (shells, little crabs, birds- they took the job very seriously).

When the weekend came, Miles went to spend the day at his grandparents' house, Parker relaxed at home, and I went with my mom and sisters to shop for the girls' back to school clothes. Talk about shop 'til you drop- I think we were out for almost seven hours! Thankfully we had a dinner break and a coffee break to energize us at different intervals. It was really fun to see what the girls picked out for school- Krystal loves Hello Kitty and suspenders (or Hello Kitty suspenders, either way) and Krystine loves skate shoes. They both love skinny jeans. I love their different styles. 

Today I made a brief trip down to Santa Barbara to visit with my grandparents and enjoyed some retail therapy afterward at Williams Sonoma (my culinary oasis- I even found a new fragrance diffuser for the house in their Fleur de Sel scent), Janie and Jack (it's a miracle I made it out of the store without getting Miles one of everything), and a little trip to J. Crew (it's a miracle I made it out of the store at all). It was really nice to have some alone time!

Wearing mama's hat
Miles has really been working on his crawl this week- it's hilarious to see him scoot around happily. He's been very clingy this week, but of course I don't mind the extra snuggles! I bought my first Sakura Bloom single-layer sling but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it set up. I've watched all the videos as well as the guide that came with the sling, but so far I wind up getting frustrated and looking at myself in the mirror holding up the sling like a cape. Sigh. Has anyone ever used these slings- if so, help a sister out!

Have a great Monday!


RedRoseVintage said...

Your son is too cute! I looove his boots!
xo sandra

lisacng said...

Miles is soooo cute in the swing at the beach and on the sidewalk working on his scoot/crawl. Love that hat!!! And I've never used a sling though they do look really cool. Hope you get some help!

Naptime Review said...

He is so cute!!! Looks like a great week!