August 21, 2012

Our Week (In a Nutshell)

I have to say, I'm so glad to be writing these weekly posts because Miles is growing in such leaps and bounds that it's nice to be able to look back and see all the different stages of his life. 

This week, I've really noticed some developments as far as our experience with Baby-Led Weaning goes. Miles is much better at chewing and managing his bites, and he really hasn't turned down anything we've offered him except the brief minute I tried offering him a jar of Earth's Best baby food. The reason I tried giving him a jar of baby food was because of our last pediatrician's appointment- we weren't seeing our normal doctor, and the doctor who did see Miles was shocked that I had never given him purées, or even any rice cereal (I just want to make sure you all know that I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with giving a baby rice cereal or purées- I’m just trying a different way for Miles that I’ve seen other families use successfully as well). I asked him if it was nutritionally important that I give Miles rice cereal or purées, and he said, “Well, no. His main source of nutrition will be the bottle until he's at least one, but giving him rice cereal and purées is usually just how it's done.” I then asked him if there was anything wrong with continuing on with BLW and he said there was nothing wrong with it, however, it “isn’t how I’d do it”. So I left the doctor’s office with a bit of Mama Guilt, second-guessing myself about BLW, and decided to grab a few jars of baby food at Target and see how he liked them. Miles was not a fan- he would purse his lips and turn his face away from the spoon. But once I gave him a slice of pear, or a piece of zucchini, he would happily sit and munch away. It’s nice to see him enjoying his food and it’s really enjoyable for me too, since we’re usually eating together and having some fun bonding moments!

"She touched me!"
As I’m sitting here replaying this week in my mind, I’m realizing that this week has been full of good food and family. My husband’s cousin Andrew, his wife Amy, and their sweet girls Alice and Emma were all in town for a couple days and we enjoyed so much great food- I loved seeing so much family sitting together around the table. It’s exciting to think that these are the cousins that Miles will grow up playing with and creating mischief along side with. So many memories to be made!

Other highlights of this week- Miles becoming mobile (!), getting this month’s Birchbox (which I will be reviewing soon), going to the spa to enjoy a pedicure, and savoring one of the best meals of my life- although my husband says that I’m always proclaiming that I just had one of the best meals of my life, this really made the list- with my favorite mother-in-law and sister-in-law at Trattoria Uliveto (I was definitely having an Eat Pray Love moment).

Today I had an opportunity to work off all those delicious eats with a trip to the gym. I was all signed up to start my first of four personal training sessions and suffice it to say that I definitely reached my limit, thought I was going to hurl, and I’m going to be so sore tomorrow! As we were filling out the evaluation forms before the workout, the trainer was asking me about my fitness history so I told her that I used to be very involved in gymnastics. Her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, “Oh! So you’re an athlete!” and checked the box marked “Athlete” on the form as I sat next to her panicking, shaking my head furiously and interjecting, “Oh no no no- I’m not an athlete…oh crap.” All I wanted to do after that workout was eat a donut (I didn’t, thank goodness) and take a nap (which I definitely did when Miles took his afternoon siesta).

I hope you all are having a fantastic start to your week- thanks to everyone who entered the August giveaway (winners have been posted!) and linked up for Mom’s Monday Mingle


Grandma Joyce said...

I also love that you are doing these weekly overviews because it lets me keep up with you as well as Parker and Miles. No matter how often we talk, there's always a new tidbit or angle on how you see things included in these posts. So please, please keep on!

lisacng said...

Don't ever let a doctor sway you again, girl! Stick to your guns! Of course Miles didn't like the jar-food because the food off the table is sooooo much better! I'm truly amazed that the doc could only give you the "that's how it's usually done" answer when you asked him about the rice cereal and purees. L.O.L. We feed J off the table now but did make our own purees before. It's so great when they eat what we eat because (1) it gets them used to that idea - no short order cooks in our house and (2) they are exposed to the foods you like (and maybe some you don't, haha). For us, that's a lot of Asian flavors. J loves hoisin sauce on broccoli. Hehe. PS Miles' first photo is adorable!