August 9, 2012

The Best Sort of Day

Yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing. I didn't have any homework, I purposely avoided housework, and I enjoyed a day with my sweet boy. He's growing up so quickly! I think the new haircut makes him look even older than his seven months. For memory's sake, here are some things about Miles that I'm really loving lately:

1. His funny faces. He's very expressive (just like his mama), and has a grin, puzzled look, frown, or just plain goofy expression that changes constantly.

2. The way he explores the world around him. When we sit at the piano, he plunks down on the keys happily- then reaches as far as his little arms will let him to hit all the notes he can in either direction. When we're in a store or restaurant, he's always looking around to make sure he doesn't miss any of the action. He loves textures and will spend a lot of time just running his hands over any texture he finds fascinating.

3. He's constantly in motion. This boy loves to jump and bounce, and this definitely has me enjoying the time we have left before he becomes mobile! He's always reaching for something new, always moving.

4. He loves water. Whether it's a pool or a bath, he is perfectly content to splash and kick his little froggy legs. He doesn't care if his face gets wet- he just wants to swim!

5. The way he shows his affection. When my family was at my brother's race last weekend, my mom was holding Miles facing outward so he could see everything going on. He caught sight of me, and I went in to give his hand a kiss; as I did, he grabbed hold of my sweatshirt with both hands and actually pulled me towards him, leaning his face against mine and resting there for a moment. It was one of the sweetest moments I've experienced with Miles and to have him initiate it just made my heart want to burst with happiness.

I love you, my darling son!


kendra @ little almanac said...

I miss that stage! Good thing I'm headed for round two in 6 weeks :)

Naptime Review said...

What a cutie!

julie @ naptime review

lisacng said...

Aw, tear for #5. HOW SWEET! He'll make your heart melt as he gets older and even cuter!!