July 1, 2012

Cleaning Out the Product Drawer

I was inspired by Morgan the other day to embark on the challenge to purge a lot of unnecessary clutter from my home. This is by no means an easy task- Parker and I have a knack for holding on to things like you wouldn't believe. Some things are sweet (like our old letters from when we were dating), but some things are just plain old. For example, Parker likes to hold on to old faded T-shirts from high school. He finds it sentimental- I don't get it. Although to be fair, he's probably just as puzzled with the amount of hair and beauty products I hold onto. (That's right, I'm a product hoarder.) I don't really have a lot of makeup, because generally my routine is very simple- another post for another time- but I have tons of different hair, skincare, and lip products. As I was cleaning, I found my five favorite lipsticks and thought it'd be fun to share in case anyone's in the market for a new color to add to their collection.

1. Lips au naturale
2. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 57, Aventure- $32.50:The Chanel I like because it is very light and sheer- I find myself reaching for this one the most on a daily basis because it's just a comfortable, pretty shade.
3. MAC Cremesheen A32, Speed Dial- $14.50: The MAC is a non-sheer bright pink that is bold but not too bold (like I wrote about here).
4. Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Color, Bare Lips- $22.00: The Laura Mercier shade is a great neutral- I remember buying this specifically for work.
5. Maybelline Moisture Extreme 545, Dark Rosewood£4.09: I first bought this Maybelline lipstick when I lived in Munich; not only does it smell great, it's more like a heavily tinted lip balm. I like that you can wear it very lightly or layer it for full effect.
6. Palladio Herbal Lipstick, Coral Punch- $5.99: Palladio is actually one of my favorite makeup brands- I use their rice paper and liquid eyeliner- and this is their take on the very popular red orange trend. It is intense but it's still one of my favorites.

There you have it! I'll admit, I never thought I'd post an entry on makeup because I'm not by any means an expert on the topic- however, I've found that even just a quick swipe of color across my lips can help me feel more put together and pretty on most days when my accessories are a baby on my hip and a coffee in my hand!

What's your favorite lip color?  I'd love to hear!
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Krista Morgan said...

Following you from the Naptime Review. . . Please come visit me sometime! I'm a product junkie and must purge regularly!


Nicole Barry said...

Hey lady! I like 2 + 4! Thanks for stopping by Me + the Moon :) Following you back via GFC! Glad you found me!

Renee C. said...

I like your lipstick #4, oh and #2, ok, and #3. If I have to choose one, then #4! I'm so non-committal! Found you through the Monday Mingle. Please check out our Summer Reading Weekly Book Giveaways if you get the chance. Cheers, Renee :)


Jessica said...

Thanks for linking up with Mom's Monday Mingle and leaving me a comment. :) I totally need to clean out my makeup drawer... so many things I don't use. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder that it needs to be done.

Jessica @ At Home Take 2- co-host of Mom's Monday Mingle and host of Weekend Blog Walk


momto8blog said...

I think they all would;d look great depending on your outfit. fun colors!!
I am as clutter free as can be..I keep it simple and if I do to use it i get rid of it...works here.
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

lisacng said...

Nothing wrong with having shades of lipstick to choose from! From neutral to bright, depending on your mood! I love natural colors.