July 7, 2012

Meet My New Friend, Poshmark!

It's too bad Friday just passed, or this would totally have made This Week the Trend! Going along with my previous post about sifting through my belongings and purging the clutter, I decided to take a trip through my closet. I was surprised- there are shocking amounts of items I no longer wear, or have only worn for one special occasion or another. It just so happens- wouldn't you know- there's an app for that! Meet Poshmark, the app that lets you sell items from your closet and buy from others! I highly suggest you check it out. I had a pair of brand new pumps that didn't fit (and were bought, unknowingly, on a final sale)- I tried to sell them twice on Ebay with no luck. Less than an hour after I posted them on Poshmark, they sold! I'm one happy girl. You can shop my closet by clicking the link I've added to my sidebar.

Happy Shopping and Happy Weekend!


Maria said...

Thanks for spreading the Poshmark love! And congrats on your first sale. Keep it up! )


lisacng said...

Yay for decluttering. Hope you sell some items!