July 20, 2012

This Week the Trend: Coconut Oil

Some months ago, I was wandering through Trader Joe's oils and sauces (looking for something new and exciting for dinner) and stumbled across a jar of coconut oil. I had heard of its many uses, but after trying it myself I'm putting it right near the top of the Hippie Magic list. Some my favorite ways to use it are as a treatment for the little patch of eczema on the back of Miles's head (I also used it when he had really intense cradle cap as a newborn), as a makeup remover for myself, as a great way to pamper my feet- I need to do this more often because it's fantastic- and a wonderful treatment for a dry scalp (ever since I had Miles my head has been so dry, but this is perfect and I use Bumble and Bumble's clarifying Sunday shampoo afterward if I feel like my hair is still a bit oily). I would highly suggest keeping a jar of coconut oil around the house- you never know when it'll come in handy!

So, what've you been reaching for this week? I started "This Week the Trend" as a way to showcase your current must-have that you find yourself reaching for constantly: it could be a book you can't put down, new music, a product for yourself/home/babies, fashion find, etc! Here are the rules:

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Joie de V

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Laura said...

OMG I think coconut oil is a cure for anything and everything! I thank Pinterest for introducing me to it's awesomeness! ;)