July 24, 2012

Two Weeks (In a Nutshell)

My, my, my- how time flies when you're busy! I feel as if I've been buzzing back and forth lately like an insanely busy bee. Sometimes, I get caught in the rhythm of familyhomeworkeatsleep so intensely that time just gets away from me- but life is so good. My grandparents are visiting from Nashville (I don't want them to ever leave), so we've been having a lot more family time than usual. Whether it's playing Phase 10- our family tradition- or going to watch my brother at one of his BMX races (he's sixth in the state!), it's been nice to have our group all together.

This last week, Miles went in the pool for the first time! At first he wasn't liking it at all, but Grandma Joyce offered to hold him and he fell asleep in her arms for about an hour. Once he woke up, we tried again and (after he got used to the temperature of the water) he loved it. We floated around the shallow end together and it brought a smile to my face every time Miles did his "froggy legs" (so stinkin' cute, I tell you). Since it was his first time in the pool, I wasn't sure what to do about the diaper situation so I put him in a cloth diaper underneath his cute little swim outfit- it worked out great.

The last couple weeks have also brought about the advent of The Face. Yes, it needs capital letters because it's hilarious! You see, we noticed that Miles started making a particular expression whenever he was really excited about something- his little body perks up, his eyes widen, and he has this full-to-the-brim smile. It really is funny.

Other Miles discoveries this week? He loves to be upside-down, and he has no problems being his teenage aunties' fashion guinea pig. They were dressing him in their hats, vests (the one he's wearing in the picture above was confusing to me- it looks like faux...carpeting? I have no idea), and other accessories. With all the Bravo TV I watch and him finding out early what not to wear, he may just have an interesting style future ahead of him!

Parker and I still got to go on our weekly date, made possible by our family. It's so nice to have that time just the two of us, and we work hard to keep it a priority. We went out to lunch and it always makes me laugh at just how stuck in a rut we are at restaurants. But hey- we know exactly what we want!

I'm surprised to say that the summer session is already almost over! This is my last week for one of my classes, and then I'll only have two weeks left of my psychology course. I think it's about a ten-day summer vacation for me and then fall starts- good times!

Whew, I'm all caught up! Off to bed.
Happy Tuesday!


The Suttons said...

Oh my goodness, what adorable pictures! he's such a cutie. :) Thanks for sharing! I found you through The Pretty Pinhead blog.


Veralynn said...

@ Mia- thank you for your comment and for stopping by! I'm following you as well- your blog is beautiful!


lisacng said...

It's so fun discovering new things about our babies. Well, mine not so much a baby anymore ;). I love Miles' expressions and that the teenage aunties had such a great time with him! LOL on him watching Bravo with you ;). And you used a cloth diaper for the pool? Good call b/c I just found that swim diapers don't hold pee and I was flabbergasted! I want to see some frog legs!!!!!!!!!!!!